Build Your WordPress Themes without Coding

I hope you will not see this post before its completed. Because i am plannig, write my toughts as a draft and after compile at as an article.

What we need?

First we need to webserver that can work on Windows. I prefer Wampp Server. its easy to setup and use.

Second we need latest version of WordPress and install it to localhost. After we need Underscore starter theme and Elementor page builder plugin wordpress. I will share my themes on Free WordPress Themes website


Best Tips to Speed Up WordPress

Would you like to accelerate your WordPress site? Quick stacking pages improve client experience, increment your online visits, and help with your WordPress SEO. In this article, we will share the most valuable WordPress speed improvement tips to support WordPress execution and accelerate your site.

Dissimilar to other “X best WordPress storing module” records or conventional “X tips to accelerating WordPress” instructional exercises, this article is a complete manual for WordPress execution advancement.

We endeavored to cover everything from why speed is significant, what hinders your WordPress site, and noteworthy advances that you can take to improve your WordPress speed right away.

To make it simple, we have made a list of chapters to enable you to explore through our definitive manual for accelerating your WordPress site.

Why Speed is Important for Your WordPress Site?

Studies demonstrate that from 2000 to 2016, the normal human capacity to focus has dropped from 12 seconds to 7 seconds.

I’m not catching this’ meaning for you as a site proprietor?

You have almost no opportunity to demonstrate clients your substance and persuade them to remain on your site.

A moderate site implies clients will possibly leave your site before it even loads.

As indicated by a StrangeLoop contextual investigation that included Amazon, Google, and other bigger locales, a 1 second postponement in page load time can prompt 7% misfortune in transformations, 11% less online visits, and 16% decline in consumer loyalty.

What’s more, Google and other web search tools have just begun punishing slower sites by driving them down in the indexed lists which implies lower traffic for moderate sites.

To total everything up, on the off chance that you need more traffic, endorsers, and income from your site, at that point you should make your WordPress site FAST!

How to Check Your WordPress Website Speed?

Regularly apprentices believe that their site is OK since it doesn’t feel moderate on their PC. That is a HUGE error.

Since you much of the time visit your very own site, present day programs like Chrome store your site in the reserve and consequently prefetch it when you begin composing a location. This makes your site load in a flash.

In any case, an ordinary client who is visiting your site out of the blue might not have a similar encounter.

Truth be told, clients in various land areas will have a totally unique encounter.

This is the reason we prescribe that you test your site speed utilizing an instrument like IsItWP’s WordPress speed test.

It is a free online apparatus that enables you to test your site’s speed.

After you run your site speed test, you may ponder what’s a decent site speed that I should go for?

A decent page load time is under 2 seconds.

Be that as it may, the quicker you can make it, the better it is. A couple of milliseconds of upgrades all over can indicate shaving off half or even an entire second from your heap time.

What Slows Down Your WordPress Website?

Your speed test report will probably have various suggestions for development. Be that as it may, a large portion of that is specialized language which is difficult for learners to get it.

Realizing what hinders your site is the way to improving execution and settling on more intelligent long haul choices.

The essential drivers for a moderate WordPress site are:

Web Hosting – When your web facilitating server isn’t appropriately designed it can harmed your site speed.

WordPress Configuration – If your WordPress webpage isn’t serving reserved pages, at that point it will over-burden your server in this manner making your site be moderate or crash totally.

Page Size – Mainly pictures that aren’t upgraded for web.

Awful Plugins – If you’re utilizing an ineffectively coded module, at that point it can essentially hinder your site.

Outer contents – External contents, for example, advertisements, text style loaders, and so on can likewise hugy affect your site execution.

Since you comprehend what hinders your WordPress site, we should investigate how to accelerate your WordPress site.

Significance of Good WordPress Hosting

Your WordPress hosting administration assumes a significant job in site execution. A decent shared hosting supplier like Bluehost or Siteground take the additional measures to improve your site for execution.

Notwithstanding, on shared facilitating you share the server assets with numerous different clients. This implies on the off chance that your neighboring webpage gets a great deal of traffic, at that point it can affect the whole server execution which thusly will hinder your site.

Then again, utilizing an oversaw WordPress facilitating administration give you the most improved server designs to run WordPress. Overseen WordPress hosting organizations likewise offer programmed reinforcements, programmed WordPress updates, and further developed security setups to ensure your site.

We prescribe Hostbase as our favored oversaw WordPress hosting supplier. They’re additionally the most mainstream one in the business.

Newly Updated WordPress Themes

Astra Theme

Astra is among the most popular and fastest loading WordPress multi-purpose theme that can be used to build all kinds of websites. Whether it is a blog, a business website, an eCommerce store, etc. everything can be designed and built well with Astra!

The free Astra theme comes with all the necessary features you need to build a website. These can further be enhanced using the Astra Pro addon that adds many more options like colors and typography, layouts, stylish headers, etc. into the customizer, giving you a lot more freedom to customize everything quickly.


evelin is a simple, easy to use, modern, creative, user-friendly and tech-savvy and responsive WordPress premium theme. It has been constructed to perform at a top-notch level as a multipurpose website theme with deep-running customization capacities and an intuitive visual page-building process that webmasters with no previous coding experience can easily learn within minutes.

Furthermore, this theme is chock-full with predesigned layouts, professionally styled demo websites and functional and articulate webpage templates, Jevelin has everything you need to bring your projects firmly into the 21st century. Moreover, bloggers will find a peculiarly comfortable space where they can effortlessly publish and circulate their thoughts, photography, videos or general content. Lastly, Jevelin packs six different blog layouts, multiple custom post styles and sophisticated features, such as Back to Top interfaces and dynamic categories, content carousels and Slider Revolution-powered sliders. Give Jevelin a go today, and feel the difference.


Newspaper is the best-selling news WordPress theme. The creators built this theme to help you tell your stories with the use of typography, dynamism, and professional design. This modern look is the perfect solution for various industry websites. From travel to fashion and everything in between, Newspaper brings beauty and unique designs combined with quality performance and stability to any type of blog.

With 50 unique demos, integrated translations, intelligent ads system, and tons of features, Newspaper is a must-have theme for any blog, newspaper, magazine or review site. The template comes with tagDiv Composer, the first front end page builder designed specifically for news and magazine websites. Just drag, drop and arrange any of the theme’s 100 elements, and you can see the changes happening instantly, right in front of your eyes. Moreover, the Newspaper 9 introduces the tagDiv Cloud Library which brings over 420 pre-designed templates for posts, 404, category, author, or search pages. You can easily load and customize pre-built templates and create everything on the frontend. The tagDiv Cloud Library includes 35+ unique post template designs that are ready to style your beautiful articles. Now, each project is a “Do It Yourself”!


Divi is a creatively bold and visually stunning theme. It is expressive, technologically innovative and seamless and very neatly structured. This modern and engaging theme is  social media friendly and Retina-ready, and it is easily customizable and intuitively navigable. Divi offers clean, readable, streamlined and responsive design that serves multiple purposes. It’s a uniquely flexible WordPress theme that was constructed specifically to offer an all-encompassing, one-stop shop solution for modern website-building needs with equal, unflinching ease and smoothness.

Divi has been designed to be efficient and speedy for ideal scalability, and it’s robust and reliable for sensitive usage. This attractive theme is appealing for mass audience engagement, and it’s wonderfully intuitive for webmasters with or without any previous coding experience. Divi can help you to make the most of your site without having to code a single line. This is achieved through the Divi Builder, a block-based, visual page editor that webmasters love to use for its simplicity and effectiveness, deploying more than 40 customizable content modules as they see fit across any page and section. These features make Divi a fantastic choice for webmasters seeking to create handsome and successful blog websites. Try Divi today, and let the world know what’s on your mind.